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New Products and Partnership Agreements Mark International Clinical Trials Day at HealthCareCAN and the Network of Networks

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HealthCareCAN, the national voice of healthcare organizations in Canada, marks International Clinical Trials Day on May 20, 2015, with the release of a partnership agreement with the Network of Networks (N2), an alliance for clinical research excellence; and a new web resourceconsolidating access to the clinical trial information webpages of leading academic healthcare organizations.

“International Clinical Trials Day is an opportunity to pay tribute to clinical trial researchers and staff, the patients who partake in clinical trials, and the organizations that provide infrastructure and resources for the safe and effective execution of research on new and better therapies” says Dr. Duncan Stewart, Executive Vice President of Research at The Ottawa Hospital and HealthCareCAN’s representative to the Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre, a new endeavour designed to streamline selected clinical trials processes.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Research Canada in collaboration with HealthCareCAN, the Association of Faculties of Medicine, the Health Charities Coalition of Canada, Rx&D, the Saskatoon Health Research Foundation, and the Michael Smith Health Research Foundation, 70% of Canadians feel that health research is part of the Canadian culture and 70% of Canadians also feel that they would like to get involved in health research. The issue is that only 30% are aware of this information”, says Dr. Vassilios Papadopoulos, one of HealthCareCAN’s two research co-chairs and Executive Director of the Research Institute at theMcGill University Health Centre. “The new web resource is one possible step towards addressing this issue for the academic centres”.

In addition, the partnership agreement between HealthCareCAN and the Network of Networks (N2) will facilitate joint goals in clinical research, particularly in the areas of education, advocacy, strategic coordination and alignment.

Dr. David Hill, HealthCareCAN Research Co-Chair and Integrated VP Research at London Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s London, Ms. Karen Arts, Chair of the Network of Networks, Executive Director High Impact Clinical Trials, Mr. Bill Tholl, President & CEO of HealthCareCAN


“N2 consists of many of the operational leaders that enable the safe, effective, and efficient conduct of clinical trials in many HealthCareCAN member organizations as well as in other types of organizations”, says Ms. Janette Panhuis, member of the N2 Board of Directors. “This partnership with HealthCareCAN signifies the alignment of a large number of strategic and operational leaders ready to advance Canada’s clinical research standing on the world stage”.

“We applaud the efforts of these organizations and all those engaged in clinical research in Canada”, says Dr. David Hill, also a HealthCareCAN research co-chair and the Integrated Vice President Research at London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care in London. “Collaboration is particularly important if Canada is to remain a global player in generating new knowledge that can continuously improve our quality of health care”.

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