This investment case provides an overview of the landscape, advantages and continual advances being made to make Canada a desired destination for clinical trial investment.

It is a concise and credible resource, communicating Canada’s clinical trials advantages in terms of  speed, quality and incentives. 

Click here (Pdf or PP) to access the latest version of the investment case: 

“The CCTCC’s Clinical Trials Investment Case is an invaluable resource to showcase our world-class landscape and competitive advantages to conducting research in Canada.  My team has already taken advantage of this comprehensive and professionally designed tool to communicate our “Canadian Advantage” with our Research & Development colleagues, and successfully attract clinical trial investments in Canada based on our unique combination of speed, quality, and incentives.”

Fran Paradiso-Hardy, PharmD, MSc

Senior Director, Astellas Medical Affairs, Canada

This resource will be updated on annual basis. If you have feedback and questions please email